Traditional Wedding Ceremony Of Cham People

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Tourists in Vietnam travel can understand more about the culture of Cham ethnic group through their traditional wedding ceremony. According to Vietnamese tradition, wedding is one of three most important things to do all one’s life. Because of the diversity in culture of 54 different ethnic minority groups living in Vietnam, wedding ceremonies are also […]

Old photos of Vietnamese ethnicities

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The Vietnamese country is one country with many ethnicities in the world. About 53 different nationalities living on a narrow territory. Ethnicity “Business” (the Vietnamese) accounted for nearly 95% of the population, the Kinh living in the plains, the rest are living on the highlands. The ethnic minorities say this about 200 different languages, belonging […]

Vietnam beauty through foreign photographer

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Not surprising that more and more pictures of people and land of Vietnam appeared in the world of photography competitions worldwide. The photographers came from many different countries together with endless inspiration in Vietnam. Veterans – Mexican author Sergio Díaz Fernández taken in Hue. This man used to be a veteran, he now sell lottery […]