Vac cake in Hoi An

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Made from simple ingredients including rice flour and fresh shrimp, Vac cake in Hoi An is one of the best Vietnamese street foods visitors should not miss when travelling to the famous central coast town. The dish is very simple but its taste will explode in your mouth, visitors will remember it even more than […]

A jungle feast in Kontum

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Kontum leaf salad last year was recognized among top 10 Vietnamese specialties of Asian cuisine for the second time by the Asian Record Organization. The signature dish of Kontum Province is described as a jungle feast appealing to any visitors traveling to the Central Highlands. As suggested by the name, the most important ingredients to […]

Vietnamese adventurous eaters with exotic cuisine

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As the creatively blessed country, Vietnam stands out as one of the top Asian zones that evolve the adventure of eating exotic cuisine. To the Vietnamese themselves, there is no challenge to enjoy the dishes of frogs, snakes, rats, dogs, turtles, etc. Ridiculously, the foreign travelers tend to regard them as the adventurous eaters who […]

Banh Mi – Vietnamese Baguette

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In Vietnam, one of the cheapest breakfast in the morning is Banh Mi. It can be called Vietnamese Hamburger. Banh Mi is served for the poor and also the rich and it ‘s very popular, easy to find Banh Mi in every corner of Vietnamese streets. Recently, thank to the introduction of tourists, it becomes […]

10 delicious dishes to try in Vietnam

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Although some restaurant menus boast over 200 different items, most of them are made up of pho, rice, vermicelli noodles, and beverages. The rest range from appetizers to side dishes, and specialty dishes to family courses. But the choices are still vast and can still be very overwhelming for novice fans. Top 3 Dishes The […]