Portraits of the Indochinese 140 years ago

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Annam’s (Vietnam today) beauty queen, the princess of Cambodia and Indians in Saigon are impressive portraits of the residents in Indochina before 1880. These photos come from the photo collection “The trip from Egypt to Indochina” (Voyage de l’ Egypte à l’ Indochine) by two photographers Hippolyte Arnoux and Emile Gsell, published in 1880.   […]

Early 20th century Vietnam in photos

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Vietnam’s beauty in the early 20th century was featured through photos taken by several foreign photographers in 1915 and 1916. The photos included in a collection were taken under sponsorship of Albert Kahn (1860 – 1940) who was a French banker and philanthropist. In 1909, Kahn travelled with his chauffeur and photographer, Alfred Dutertre to […]

Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945)

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Nguyen Dynasty, (1802–1945), the last Vietnamese dynasty, which was founded and dominated by the powerful Nguyen family. The Nguyen family emerged into prominence in the 16th century, when Vietnam was under the Le dynasty. After Mac Dang Dung usurped the Vietnamese throne in 1527, Nguyen Kim fought to restore a Le emperor in 1533, leaving […]