The impression of Central Highland of Vietnam

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The Central Highlands of Vietnam, please come and visit so many places of interest, the traditional community houses with their unique architectures, and local hill tribes; diversified cultures… You will be very pleasant at our travel industry and get such unforgettable memories. Vietnam’s Central Highlands really attracts tourists for its cool climate, mountain scenery, numerous […]

Harvest coffee beans with farmers in Central Highlands

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Beginning in November and December, visitors to the Central Highlands will have a chance to join local farmers to harvest coffee beans. Farmers often start their days early in the morning. They spread a large canvas under coffee trees to catch ripe coffee beans plucked from branches. The canvas is pulled from tree to tree […]

Yok Don national park in Central highland

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Yok Don National park borders with four communes in Dak Lak province: Ea Bung and Chu M’Lanh communes- Ea Sup district, Krong Na commune- Buon Don district, and Ea Po commune, Cu Jut district. The park covers a flat plain that extends from eastern Cambodia into northern Dak Lak and southern Gia Lai provinces in […]

What to see in Buon Ma Thuot

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One of the largest towns in the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot offers easy access to the area’s many natural attractions, including Yok Don National Park and its rare wildlife, idyllic Lak Lake, several spectacular waterfalls, as well as numerous Ede and M’nong hill tribe villages. Like most places in the Central Highlands, Buon Ma […]