Summer paradise on Nam Du Islands

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With more than 21 islands, Nam Du archipelago in Kien Giang province is fascinating, with beautiful beaches and a magical water world. Nam Du is the most remote island area of Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), consisting of 21 wild islands. The best time to explore Nam Du is from late December to May. From […]

A trip to U Minh Forest

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The U Minh Forest is a huge cajuput forest covering approximately 2,000 km2 of Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces. U Minh forest is a rich land, with hidden potential. It is waiting to being developed and preserved sustainably in order that it can become an invaluable resource in the southernmost area of Vietnam.The nature […]

Cat Tien National Park

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As one of 6 Biosphere Reserves recognized in Vietnam, Cat Tien National Park covers an area of about 72,000 ha and located in territory of 3 provinces including Lam Dong , Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai. It is considered as “natural treasure” of Vietnam. This is the only tropical moist forest remaining in the South […]

Hoa Lo Prison

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Hoa Lo Prison is one of the special historical sites in the capital of Hanoi, built by French colonialists in 1896 in order to imprison the Vietnamese patriotic soldiers who fought against the French colonialists. French name of this prison at that time is Maison Centrale. The name Hoa Lo, commonly translated as “fiery furnace” […]

Po Nagar Cham towers in Nha Trang

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The Po Nagar Tower is the name of the main temple in a complex of Cham towers on a knoll at the river-mouth of the Cai River, 2km north of Nha Trang City. Nowadays, the name Po Nagar is usually used to refer to the whole complex. Nha Trang was called Kauthara, a principality of […]

Six Senses, Con Dao Island

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Resting in the quiet waters of the East Sea off the coast of Vietnam, the Con Dao archipelago remains a pristine gem. Marco Polo visited Con Dao in the 13th Century, on his way from China to Europe, and later the East Indian Company established a small trading village on the main island. With a […]

Con Dao – Wild beautiful island in Vietnam

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Vietnam has more than 2000 km of coastline and an impressive number of islands, islets and islands, often wild, preserved, sometimes designed for relaxation and discovery. First part of an overview of some sites to consider if you are traveling in Vietnam, or if you need to stay in the sun (and haze) in Vietnam. […]