Sinh village’s paintings feature Hue culture

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Tet (Lunar New Year) festival paintings of the Sinh village are a combination of traditional culture and ancient artistic methods and have been part of the of the Hue ethnic minority culture for over four centuries. The village’s paintings mainly reflect an aspiration for a peaceful, happy and prosperous life and often depict the animals […]

Photo: Clouds floating over Bach Ma Peak

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Visitors to the mountain of Bach Ma can enjoy panoramic views of untouched and magic beauty, the fresh air and cool weather all year round. After taking a 40-km-long road from the city of Hue to the Bach Ma National Park, visitors will be awakened by cool air rushing into the car door. The temperature […]

Tranquility of Dam Chuon Lagoon

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Visitors to the former capital of Hue should not miss the peace and quiet provided by a visit to Dam Chuon Lagoon. Dam Chuon’s beauty is best experienced in the early glow of dawn or long rays of sunset. The Lagoon is popular with both professional and amateur landscape photographers. Some photos taken from Dam […]

Hue conical hat making village

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For a very long time, the image of young women with “non la” (conical hats) and ao dai (Vietnamese gown) has become a symbol of Hue people and Hue tourism. To see how conical hats are made and to learn more about the culture and people of Hue, you should visit a conical hat making […]

Thanh Tien paper flowers village in Hue

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In the tiny village of Thanh Tien on the outskirts of Hue City, a tradition of paper flowers craftsmanship has been handed down from one generation to another for more than 300 years.   The village is particularly famous for its lotus flowers, which come in all the colours of the rainbow. They are used […]

The beauty of Vietnamese folk paintings

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Folk paintings reflect Vietnamese culture and belief. The Vietnamese believe in their ancestor worship and deification of natural phenomena. Due to their historical popularity, the folk paintings were produced in large quantities. Depending on artistic style, drawing-printing technique, and the materials used, folk paintings are classified into painting trends according to the name of their […]

Digital Reconstruction clip of Hue Imperial City

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Representatives of the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea (CHAK), the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Samsung Electronics Viet Nam donated digital products to the Hue Centre for Monuments Conservation (HCMC) Hue was the site of the last royal dynasty (Nguyen) of Vietnam who ruled from 1802-1945. It was also the site […]